The funding application is completed on the appropriate forms found under the I am a Grant Applicant/Funding Categories menu option and submitted to the Director of Economic Development (EDB), City of Brandon.

The application is reviewed and any additional information / clarity sought.

Evaluation metrics is completed resulting in a funding approval or funding recommendation from the Director of Economic Development.

The Director of Economic Development Brandon has authority to approve grant applications up to $20,000. Applicant will be notified. If the application is approved, a funding agreement will be forwarded.

The process for applications over $20,000:

The Director of EDB prepares a report for City Council, circulates same for necessary sign offs and requests the report be placed on the next City Council meeting agenda. Typically City Council meets every two weeks, but this frequency changes during the summer months. A schedule of council meetings for the year can be found at

Applicant is notified via email of the funding recommendation, date the funding request will appear before City Council for consideration and the process to appear as a delegation on the evening the funding request will be reviewed. Applicants are not required to appear as a delegation, but are encouraged to do so if they wish to raise public awareness of their event or if they desire an opportunity to speak directly to Council with regards to their event or their funding application.

Please note there is a deadline for requesting to appear as a delegation. Details can be found online or by contacting the City Clerk's office at 204-729-2296.

A Draft funding agreement is circulated to applicant for review but is not binding until Council renders a favourable decision and the Director of Economic Development signs the funding agreement.

Funding recommendation is reviewed by City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting with a decision typically made during the Council meeting. The applicant or a representative must be present at the Council meeting in which their funding request is being reviewed but is not called on to speak as part of the funding deliberations.

Assuming City Council approves an Accommodation Tax grant, a funding agreement is signed by the applicant and Director of Economic Development.

40% of approved funds are advanced to the applicant.

Event concludes and a final report is submitted by the applicant to the Director of Economic Development.

Final report is reviewed and room nights verified by EDB staff. If actual room nights generated match or exceed projections, the final 60% approved grant is paid to the applicant.  If the actual room nights generated are less than projected, the evaluation metrics is completed using actual room nights.  If the new calculations generate a recommendation for funding that is lower than what was previously supported, final payment will be reduced accordingly. If room nights realized are significantly higher than projected there is the opportunity to submit a request for increased funding.

Final payment is issued to the applicant following final report review.