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The common vision of all City of Brandon Departments is to serve and build Brandon. To help achieve this, departments are organized into four divisions, City Manager Division, Development Services Division, Operational Services Division and Corporate Services Division. Below is a list of the Departments


The common vision of all City of Brandon Departments is to serve and build Brandon. To help achieve this, departments are organized into four divisions, City Manager Division, Development Services Division, Operational Services Division and Corporate Services Division. Below is a list of the Departments


Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

Responsible to the City Manager Division, Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is a much-envied dual service department that provides both Fire Protection and Ambulance Service. The department serves a population of approximately 53,230 in Brandon and approximately 7000 living in the four outlying municipalities of Cornwallis, Elton, Oakland, and Whitehead. This is a total service area of 1,255 square kilometres.

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Brandon Police Service

Brandon Police Service is part of the City Manager Division and is relentless in reducing crime in our community. Criminal Record Checks, Victim Services, Animal Control, and By-Law Enforcement are also services that Brandon Police Service provides to the City of Brandon.

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Economic Development

Part of the Corporate Services Division, Economic Development Brandon’s primary role is to support existing Brandon businesses in their quest for success, as well as to encourage new businesses to explore the opportunities Brandon has to offer in a competent and confidential manner.

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Emergency Communications

Operating under the City Manager’s Division, Emergency Communications delivers Enhanced 911 services to Brandon and several other Manitoba communities.

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Emergency Coordination

Part of the Corporate Services Division, Emergency Coordination is made up of Risk Management, The Brandon Emergency Preparedness Program and the Brandon Emergency Support Team (B.E.S.T).

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The Finance Department’s role in the Corporate Services Division is to handle the City’s finances. They are responsible for the preparation of the City’s Operational & Capital Budget, Business & Pet Licensing as well as Property Tax and Utility Billing collection.


Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department supports the City of Brandon by ensuring human resources services, policies, and systems align with the corporation's values, strategy, and mission. Our goal is to provide innovative results-oriented service, policies, and systems for, and in partnership with, our internal customers and external stakeholders.

These services encompass a broad range of City needs:

  • Labour and Employee Relations
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Wellness
  • Corporate Training & Development
  • Management of the Human Resource Information Systems, and
  • Employee Relations

The HR department is organized into three sections to meet the needs of our customers.

Labour Relations & Employment

The Labour Relations & Employment division provides expert advice and guidance to staff on matters pertaining to collective bargaining, collective agreement interpretation and administration, workplace policies and practices, employee relations, job classification and compensation programs for both union and non-union staff.

HR collaborates with and provides support to management and staff in employee recruitment and administration. The department also collaborates with community organizations to provide information on employment opportunities and seeks new and innovative opportunities to source talent.

The objective of our Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is to increase the City’s capacity to leverage new and emerging technologies; streamline workflow; maximize accuracy, reliability, and validity of workforce data; and ease deployment and collection of data and information.  HRIS also maintains the City's Employee Self-Service that supports our employee relations initiatives as well as the collection and deployment of HR information.

The City’s Employee Relations includes engaging employees by informing, involving and inspiring them to support and achieve our organizational priorities, goals and initiatives. Primary responsibilities also include the design, development and delivery of corporate initiatives including employee engagement, staff training, and the support of staff with planning and implementing ongoing business changes.

Health and Safety

The Health and Safety section supports the City in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. The division is committed to the prevention of injuries and continuous improvement. Health and safety in the City maximizes the prevention of workplace accidents and illnesses, enhancing employee wellness and providing progressive rehabilitation services in the event that an injury or illness occurs.

This section is involved with the continuum of health, safety and disability-related policies and programs that promote healthy living; minimize and ultimately eliminate workplace incidents, absences, and occupational disease; and ensure injured or ill employees have an early and safe return to work.


Payroll Services is dedicated to processing accurate and timely payroll for all City employees and elected officials, as well as providing payroll services as a gift-in-kind for community partners. Payroll is a service-oriented section committed to assisting employees and administrative departments by extracting and reporting accurate payroll information.

Additional services:

  • Interpretation of payroll procedures and schedules
  • Maintenance of leave credit records
  • Processing of employment verification requests
  • Assistance with tax withholding forms, direct deposit, and payroll deductions
  • Benefit and pension administration for current and retiring employees.


Innovation, Technology & Communications

Providing support to all City departments with their technology needs, the I.T.C. Department reports to the Corporate Services Division.

Responsible for maintaining desktop & laptop computers a complex Cisco-based network of fibre optic cable and wireless links, with over 65 servers, and 275+ VoIP phones, the I.T.C. Department ensures reliable service to departments.

They perform custom development of highly specialized applications and interfaces as well as look after over 20 corporate websites. The I.T.C. Department launched the city's open data initiative, which provides a growing number of data sets for programmers and developers to use freely in custom applications.


Legislative Services

Operating as part of the City Manager Division, Legislative Services provides advisory and administrative support to City Council and its individual members by working with the City Manager, City Departments, other agencies and the public on the various matters being submitted to and/or originating from City Council. The staff of Legislative Services is responsible for:

  • the provision of a large array of records management services to all city departments
  • the coordination of the City’s heritage initiatives
  • the focus of which is both local and regional in nature
  • the administration and enforcement of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and The Personal Health Information Act in cooperation with departmental representatives
  • the maintenance of a public inquiry telephone service
  • the carrying out of an enumeration of voters and conducting of civic elections and by-elections when required


Parks & Recreation Services

Part of the Operational Services Division, Parks & Recreation is comprised of Brandon's Community Sportsplex, the Wheat City Golf Course, Parks, Recreation and the Brandon Municipal Cemetery.

Parks & Recreation Services provides many programs such as Recreational Programming, Mosquito Abatement, Music in the Parks, Greenspace Maintenance and Forestry & Horticulture, just to name a few.

Planning and Buildings

The Planning and Buildings Department reports to the Development Services Division. They are responsible for providing leadership in developing Brandon as a safe, livable, and attractive community to live, work, and play. To achieve this, Planning and Buildings work in cooperation with other City Departments and external agencies to implement Council adopted by-laws, both Provincial and Federal regulations, to better address development growth and development activities in the City.

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Public Works

Covering a wide range of services from refuse and recycling collection to the maintenance of roads and back lanes, Public Works reports to the Operational Services Division. Public Works delivers these services to Brandon via the Sanitation Department, the Meter Shop, Building Maintenance, Sewer & Water Department and Streets & Roads Department.



Transportation Services provides a safe, accessible and efficient network to connect our customers to life's opportunities. The Transportation Department is made up of the Airport, Transit and Fleet Services and reports to the Operational Services Division.


Water Resources & Engineering Services

Reporting to the Development Services Division, Water Resources & Engineering Services is comprised of Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Property Administration Section, and Engineering Department.

Important items such as River level monitoring, Traffic section, Methane Gas project, and Utility Atlas are all part of the services that Water Resources & Engineering Services is responsible for.

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