To be eligible for an Accommodation Tax Grant (Event Grant), an event must generate overnight stays (limited to hotel/motel rooms, Brandon University, B&B rooms) in Brandon. Only events that align with Brandon First marketing strategies are eligible to apply for Accommodation Tax event hosting grants.  Personal events such as socials, weddings, and family celebrations are ineligible for Accommodation Tax Grant funding.  If you are in doubt as to eligibility for an event hosting grant, please contact Brandon First at 204.729.2156 or

 Application proposals for use of the funds collected through the City of Brandon Accommodation Tax By-Law 7014 will be considered on an ongoing basis by the City of Brandon through application to the Director of Economic Development. Applicants are to select the funding category from the four listed below that best fits the criteria of the event. There are four separate application forms to select from:

1. New Event -  This category is typically suitable for applicants looking to bring an existing event to Brandon that has not been held in the City for at least three full consecutive calendar years or create a brand new event to be held in Brandon. Note: Events which are held in Brandon in cycles (such as annual, biennial, triennial, or other regular frequency) must not be held for 3 consecutive event cycles to qualify as new events.

2. Event Retention - This category is typically suitable for an event that has a history of being hosted in Brandon but is in jeopardy of no longer being hosted in Brandon or being shortened as a result of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to finances or a competitive bid from another community.

3. Growing an Existing Event - This category is typically suitable for an event that has a history of being hosted in Brandon but is looking to expand the event in order to attract a new market segment to the event which will result in increased room nights.

4. Capital Enhancements – This category is typically suitable for repairs or upgrades of a capital nature that are required in order to host a specific event in Brandon that generates overnight stays. Capital funding will not be approved to position Brandon to pursue future events or for the purposes of regular maintenance.   Non-event capital projects undertaken by the Keystone Centre are handled through a different process than what is described here.

5. Annual Events of Significant Economic Impact – this category is suitable for events held in Brandon for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years that generate a minimum of 1,500 room nights that are subject to the Accommodation Tax (campground stays and Airbnb do not qualify as room nights).  Events that alternate between Brandon and another location on an annual basis are not eligible for funding.

 Applications must be submitted, reviewed and a decision made by Brandon City Council in advance of the event occurring or capital work beginning.