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Persons wishing to present information to or make a request of City Council may do so by appearing as a delegation at any regular meeting of City Council or at any special meeting where the specific matter appears on the agenda for such special meeting, in accordance with Schedule “A” to Procedure By-law No. 6634.

In order to appear before City Council, a person must inform the City Clerk, in writing, on a prescribed form, of their request to appear as a delegation including:

  • the date of the meeting at which they wish to appear
  • the subject to be discussed and any material that is to be distributed to City Council
  • the name and current mailing address of the person who will be addressing Council; and
  • the telephone number where the representative of the delegation can be reached during normal business hours


Requests to appear as a delegation along with a copy of any presentation or information to be included, must be received by the Clerk’s Office no later than noon, 3 working days prior to the meeting at which you will appear.

Presentations are limited to 10 minutes, following which members of City Council will be provided with an opportunity to ask questions. You may make a request with our online delegation request form or by requesting a printable version from the City Clerk’s office.

Improper Conduct by the Delegates

The presiding Officer may deny any delegation the right to be heard at a meeting of the Council if, in his or her opinion:

    • (a) the delegation:
      • (i) does not speak respectfully of his Majesty the King, or the official representatives of her government;
      • (ii) uses offensive words in referring to any member of the Council, or to any official or employee of the municipality, or member of the public;
      • (iii) shouts, immoderately raises his or her voice, uses profane, vulgar, or offensive language;


  • (b) the remarks of the spokesperson of the delegation are likely to:
    • (i) be scandalous, criminal or offensive to the accepted rules of address to an elected body, or
    • (ii) be on a subject which is not within the jurisdiction of the Council.


If you have any questions with respect to the above, or wish to acquire the prescribed delegation form letter, please contact Renee Sigurdson, City Clerk, at 204-729-2206, or via e-mail at cityclerk@brandon.ca