In addition to the general FAQs found here (General FAQ), the following apply to Capital Enhancements funding applications.


Q. What criteria are used to determine how much Accommodation Tax funding I will receive?

 A. Applications will be evaluated using Capital Enhancements criteria set forth in the table below.

These metrics are typically suitable for funding applications for repairs or upgrades of a capital nature that are required in order to host a specific event in Brandon that generates overnight stays. Capital funding will not be approved to position Brandon to pursue future events or for the purposes of regular maintenance.

Capital Application Evaluation  

Comprehensive Business Plan

-         Including all sources of funding and the   percentage of overall capital investment being requested through the Capital   Accommodation Tax Funding Application

-         Return on investment or asset

-         Long term plan for sustaining funded capital   asset

-         Rationale for making the capital investments   for which funding is being requested.

Experience in completing capital projects 10
Economic impact of hosting the event for which capital   improvement funding is being requested 60


Q: Can I apply for funding after the capital work has commenced or has been completed?

A: No, retroactive applications will not be considered.

Q. If capital funding has been approved for an event, can the event for which the capital enhancements are required apply for Accommodation Tax Event funding?

A: Yes. The event organizer whether the same or different from the capital funding applicant may apply for event funding under the applicable Accommodation Tax event funding category.