Q.  Will I receive an Accommodation Tax Grant advance if I am approved for funding under the Annual Event of Significant Economic Impact funding category.

A.  No, approved events are not eligible for grant advances.  The grant is paid at the conclusion of the event after the City of Brandon receives a final report on the supplied form and verifies room counts. 

Annual Events of Significant Economic Impact Application Form

Q.  What are the eligibility criteria?

A.  The event must have been held in Brandon annually for a minimum of 5 consecutive years or have signed a hosting agreement whereby the years in which the event has been held in Brandon combined with the duration of the hosting / venue agreement total a minimum of 5 consecutive years.  The event room must also generate a minimum of 1,500 room nights that are subject to the Accommodation Tax.  Annual events that alternate annually between Brandon and other centres are not eligible and campground and trailer park stays are not considered eligible room nights. 

Q.  How much will the annual grant be?

A.  The annual grant is calculated at a rate of $7 per room night, using the previous years realized room night counts, provided they have been confirmed by the City of Brandon.  For events that meet the eligibility criteria but previous years room nights have not been verified by the City of Brandon, current year room nights verified by city of Brandon staff will be used to calculate the grant.    

Q.  If my event has been eligible for funding under the Annual Event of Significant Economic Impact funding category for several years and then room nights realized drop below the minimum 1,500 room night requirement for one year, am I eligible for funding? 

A.  You will receive funding in the year that the room nights drop below the minimum threshold as the grant is calculated on the previous year’s realized room nights.  However, you will not be eligible for funding the following year and will have to complete the application process again for future funding. 

 Q.  Do we have to notify anyone of our annual event dates?

A.  Event organizers are required to notify Economic Development Brandon of the event dates a minimum of 60 days prior to the event each year.