Message From The Mayor
On behalf of Brandon City Council, I am pleased to present the 2022 – 2026 Council Strategic Plan.

This plan is a roadmap for City Council and Administration to guide us as we make decisions to reflect the priorities of our city, community, and future residents.

We are privileged to live in a city, full of opportunities. Like our predecessors, it is our turn to look ahead and ensure our city has as many advantages as possible for future generations. Today, our community faces unprecedented social needs, aging infrastructure, and increased inflation. We also need to address growth challenges and downloading of cost from other levels of government while keeping affordability top of mind.

This Strategic Plan represents City Council’s shared priorities for the City of Brandon and focuses in six key areas:
1. addressing social needs
2. economic growth and development
3. affordability
4. community well-being
5. communication and collaboration
6. environmental sustainability

While we are only one level of government, it is up to us to demonstrate the leadership required so that we can all grow and prosper together.

On behalf of Council and Management,

Jeff Fawcett
Mayor, City of Brandon

PDF Icon Council Strategic Plan (2.23 MB)

PDF Icon Council Strategic Plan Q2 (2.98 MB)

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PDF Icon Council Strategic Plan Q4 (3 MB)


PDF Icon 2024 Council Strategic Plan Q1 (2 MB)