In addition to the general FAQs found here (General FAQ), the following apply to Growing an Event funding applications.

Q. What criteria are used to determine how much Accommodation Tax funding I will receive?

A. Applications will be evaluated using Growing an Event criteria set forth in the table below.

These metrics are typically suitable for an event that has a history of being hosted in Brandon but is looking to expand the event in order to grow event attendance that will result in overnight stays.

Criteria Maximum Points Awarded

Number of room nights being added

(limited to hotel/motel rooms, Brandon University, B&B rooms)

Incremental cost of growth 15
Seasonality of event (slow, medium, busy) 20
% of Growth in overnight stays 10
Guest expenditures 5
Maximum points awarded 100


Q. I am going to significantly increase my event marketing budget to try and attract people from Winnipeg to my event. Am I eligible for funding?

A. No you would not be eligible. The Winnipeg market could have reasonably been considered part of your event target market thus is not adding a new market segment. An example of a qualifying application would be a horse show was held annually that attracted competitors and spectators. A decision was made to add a 2 day conference on farm animal care to the event. This would be eligible as the conference has the potential to attract a different group of participants. A second example would be a hockey tournament that is held annually and includes competitors aged 14 – 16. A decision is made to expand the tournament to include competitors between the ages of 10-13. As an entire new division has been added, this event would be eligible for consideration under the Growing an Event funding category.