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Emergency Preparedness

Office Phone: 204-729-2239


As you may be aware the Brandon Emergency Alerting Program (BEAP) has been working to improve the City’s ability to alert the public to emergency situations. The goal in any alerting program is to notify as many people as possible with enough information so they can take some protective action.

Alerting Tone

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All-Clear Chime

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Why do we need the Brandon Emergency Alerting Program?

Siren tower

Disasters can happen suddenly. An emergency or disaster can happen anytime, anywhere. BEAP is an effective way to make you aware that something is happening in Brandon that may require you to take some action. For example, this could include warning of a tornado, chemical spill, or toxic smoke from a fire.


What should I do when I hear the alerting tone?

  1. Go indoors.
  2. Turn on your radio or TV to a local station
    • CKLQ 880 AM
    • Star 94.7 FM
    • KX 96.1 FM
    • 101.1 FM The Farm
  3. Wait until the broadcast provides an update on the situation. Depending on the time of day this message may be immediately available or during the night, may be several minutes before a radio message is ready to be broadcast.


Where will the siren station be located?

The Brandon Emergency Alerting Program plans to install two siren stations to cover the area east of First Street. One will be located in Rideau Park near Lorne Avenue (see other side for map). The second location is in the green space to the north of Green Acres School. Together these locations will broadcast the alerting tone for several hundred metres across your neighbourhood.

What will the siren station look like? Each speaker station will be mounted on a 55-foot pole. They have eight-speaker cones at the top and a metal utility box at the bottom that contain equipment. How often will I hear the Alerting Tone? BEAP will test the equipment on a weekly basis to give everyone an opportunity to learn what it sounds like and to ensure the equipment works. Weekly testing will consist of a short playing of the alerting tone on a day and time yet to be selected.