Report a Pothole

Motorists can report a pothole online through an easy-to-use web form on the City of Brandon website by clicking here.

Problem potholes can also be called in to the City of Brandon’s 24-hour Pothole Hotline at 729-2200. The line is monitored for issues to be addressed, but calls are not returned.

Potholes are prevalent in the spring due to the season’s freeze-thaw cycles. During warmer weather, snow melts, which causes water to seep into cracks in the pavement. When temperatures drop below freezing, the water freezes and puts pressure on the pavement, which can “push” the pavement out of place and create a pothole.

It should be noted that the following roadways within City of Brandon limits are under the jurisdiction of the Province of Manitoba and, therefore, do not fall within the City of Brandon’s pothole patching program:

  • PTH 1A, from PTH 1 to Victoria Avenue and from Victoria westerly;
  • 1st Street from Richmond Avenue to Victoria Avenue;
  • Richmond Avenue, from (PTH 10) 18th Street easterly;
  • PTH 10 (18th Street);
  • PTH 1;
  • PTH 110;
  • PR 457, from 1st Street, easterly;
  • PR 459, from 18th Street, westerly; and
  • various service roads along PTH 1 and PTH 10.


Provincial staff regularly monitor and repair all provincially maintained roads in Brandon, in the most timely manner possible. Residents wishing to report a pothole or unsafe driving condition on a Provincial roadway can call l 1-866-MANITOBA (1-866-626-4862).

Residents should also note that the City of Brandon’s pothole patching program does not apply to the aprons (sloped approaches) leading into private driveways.

The City of Brandon reminds all motorists that you should never swerve to avoid a pothole in your path! Drivers are advised to reduce their speed when approaching a pothole but don’t brake when driving over the pothole as this can cause more damage.

The City of Brandon appreciates the public’s cooperation in reporting all potholes and doing their part in keeping our roads safer.