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Development Services

638 Princess Ave.
Brandon, MB R7A 0P3

Office Phone: 204-729-2110
Fax: 204-728-2406



Development Services Division Who to Call List
A.R. McDiarmid leasing Real Estate Coordinator 204.729.2163
Bonded contractors Engineering Chargehand 204.729.2126
Building non-residential Building Inspector 204.729.2123
Building permit application Permit Clerk 204.729.2110
Building residential Building Inspector 204.729.2175
Building safety bylaw Building Inspector 204.729.2119
Business or contractors license City Hall 204.729.2230
City construction concerns/enquiries Engineering Chargehand 204.729-2126
City of Brandon maps Senior Geomatics Specialists 204.729.2294
City leases Real Estate Coordinator 204.729.2163
City owned parking lots Real Estate Coordinator 204.729.2163
Cobra Geomatics Specialists 204.729.2217
Complaints - property Building Inspector 204.729.2119
Conditional use application Community Planner 204.729.2113
Construction & Demolition Waste Province of Manitoba 204.726.6974
Crosswalks Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Curb stop inquiries Engineering Chargehand 204.729-2126
Deposit refunds Inspections Officer 204.729.2220
Development agreements Land Development Administrator 204.729.2218
Development Charges Land Development Administrator 204.729.2218
Development permit application Community Planner 204.729.2113
Dike inquiries Director of Utilities 204.729.2231
Drainage on City property Engineering Chargehand 204.729.2126
Hazardous waste Province of Manitoba 204.726.6974
Heritage enquiries Senior Planner 204.729.2115
Event parking at A.R. McDiarmid Blg Administration 204.729.2214
Fees on permits Permit Clerk 204.729.2110
Home based business City Hall 204.729.2230
Inspections regarding development agreements Land Development Administrator 204.729.2218
Lead service testing Administration 204.729.2214
Legal agreements as a result of development Land Development Administrator 204.729.2218
Lot grading and drainage design Strategic Infrastructure Technologist 204.729.2511
Maps Senior Geomatics Specialists 204.729.2294
Meter Shop Meter Department
Occupancy permits Permit Clerk 204.729.2110
Online permits Permit Clerk 204.729.2110
On-street parking inquiries Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Parking spot rentals Real Estate Coordinator 204.729.2163
Pedestrain crossing/signs Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Permit stats Service Delivery Coordinator 204.729.2116
Plans & documents Permit Clerk 204.729.2110
Plumbing enquiries Building Inspector 204.729.2122
Potholes Pothole hotline 204.729.2200
Property owner information City Hall 204.729.2296
Road Closure Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Road signage inquiries Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Sanitation Solid Waste Supervisor 204.729.2281
Servicing design within private property for water greater than 2" and sewer greater than 4" Strategic Infrastructure Technologist 204.729.2511
Servicing design within the public right-of-way Strategic Infrastructure Technologist 204.729.2511
Setbacks Planning Technician 204.729.2154
Sewer & water (operations) Sewer & Water Chargehand 204.729.2277
Sidewalk closure (construction purpose) Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Sidewalk closure (special events) City Hall 204.729.2230
Sign placement Planning Technician 204.729.2154
Speed limits Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Street lights (Hydro) Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Street Maintenance Streets & Roads Chargehand 204.729.2284
Subdivision applications Community Planner 204.729.2113
Temporary signs (mobile, election, sale) Planning Technician 204.729.2154
Traffic and transportation development Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Traffic light synchronization Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Traffic studies Transportation Planner 204.729.2105
Oversized moving permits
MB motor carrying permit serives
Province of Manitoba 1 877 812 0009
Utility clearances/locates Administration 204.729.2214
Vacant and derelict building by-law Building Inspector 204.729.2119
Variance applications Community Planner 204.729.2113
Warranty and final acceptance procedures Land Development Administrator 204.729.2218
Water shut off (residential) Meter Department
Watermain shutoff Sewer & Water Chargehand 204.729.2277
Zoning and property use Community Planner 204.729.2117


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