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Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

120 - 19th Street North
Brandon, MB R7B 3X6

Fire Hall #1: 204-729-2400

Fire Hall #2: 204-729-2420



For most fires, water is still our primary resource for extinguishments. It has become necessary to resort to a secondary agent mixed with water (known as Foam) to aid firefighters in battling a fire. There are various types of foams available. For the most part they act as a smothering agent to inhibit the rekindling of a fire.

Fire suppressions are one of the most strenuous, and dangerous activities performed by a Firefighter. It is said that at an average working fire, a Firefighter exerts the same amount of energy in 15 minutes as an athlete who has just run the entire Boston marathon. Because of this extremely high loss of energy in such a short time, it is vital to have a constant supply of “Fresh” Firefighters. They need to be available to take the place of exhausted Firefighters. There is, at most times, a canteen set up by various volunteer groups. This canteen is filled with a large supply of various types of food and fluids to aid in the quick energy recovery for Firefighters.