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Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

120 - 19th Street North
Brandon, MB R7B 3X6

Fire Hall #1: 204-729-2400

Fire Hall #2: 204-729-2420



The Archives Committee is tasked to research and document the history of Brandon Fire & Emergency Services. The committee is made up of 7 retired members, the Fire Chief, one Captain from Suppression division and Administration staff. The retired members consist of a former Deputy Chief, Captains, Lieutenants, Fire Prevention Office and senior Firefighter. Combined, they have given over 241 years of service to the City of Brandon and area. Years of service dates back to 1949.

This dedicated group began meeting in 2009 when numerous artifacts were found in a storage area.   They would meet twice a week to try and identify and catalogue all of the old pictures, contents of scrapbooks, and pieces of equipment. They were also instrumental in the restoration of the 1929 Bickle fire truck; the focal point of the museum.

The BFES Museum opened in conjunction with the new #1 Fire Hall, 19th Street North on September 2010. It displays artifacts with descriptions and photos that have been identified. Every piece is part of Brandon history – no items were brought in from other areas.  Committee members are:



Position on Retirement

Start Date

Retirement Date

Yrs/mths Service

Tom Murison Deputy Chief May 16, 1949 Sep. 30, 1985 36y / 4m
Mel McEachon Captain Aug. 16, 1955 Nov. 30, 1993 38y / 3m
Joe Yaworski Captain May 1, 1953 July 20, 1991 38y / 2m
Dick Pow Lieutenant Jan. 23, 1961 Feb. 8, 1995 34y
Gerry Kemp Acting Lieutenant Aug. 1, 1965 June 1, 1995 29y / 9m
Bill Edwards Fire Prevention Officer Apr. 28, 1969 June 13, 2003 31y / 2m
Murray Pierce Senior Firefighter Apr. 28, 1975 Dec. 5, 2008 33y / 8m
Total Yrs of Service: 241y / 4m