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Brandon Fire & Emergency Services

120 - 19th Street North
Brandon, MB R7B 3X6

Fire Hall #1: 204-729-2400

Fire Hall #2: 204-729-2420



For your safety, use the following tips:

  • Always use common sense.
  • Caution should always be exercised when working with fire particularly in the event of strong wind.
  • When working with any fire, it is always a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher, pan of water or garden hose close at hand in case you have to quickly extinguish the fire.
  • When installing a fire pit allow adequate clearance from combustible walls and surfaces such as wood fences, decks, vinyl siding, shrubs, tables, etc. Allow at least 5 feet from all combustible objects and surfaces.
  • Use extreme caution when using fire on combustible surfaces. Some appliances require that they are placed on non-combustible surfaces such as bare earth, concrete, stone, etc. . and NEVER be used on a wooden deck.
  • Never leave a fire unattended and always extinguish it completely before retiring.
  • Do not overload your fire pit or use it to burn leaves, paper or trash.


Caution - Be a good neighbour

Be advised that there are a number of cases involving smoke from someone’s property entering a neighbour’s house. The homeowner that incurred the damage puts in an insurance claim for damages. Their insurance company then subrogated the neighbour’s insurance company for the cost. In other words, the person with the barbeque/fire pit paid to have their neighbour’s house redecorated.

The City of Brandon By-Law 7200 regulates open burning:

 It shall be an offence for any person to light, ignite, start, allow, cause to be lighted, ignited, or started a fire of any kind whatsoever in the open air without first having obtained written permission to do so from the Fire Chief.

Outdoor Burning Appliance Application (Fire Pit)

Note: Only current application packages will be accepted. An application does not need to be renewed every year. A new application is required if there is new ownership of the property or a change of information from the original application. 

6 (c) Notwithstanding subsection (a) No permit shall be required to light, ignite, or start or allow or cause to be lighted, ignited, or started a SMALL CONTAINED fire in a barbeque, grill or similar device USED TO COOK FOOD.

Brandon Fire & Emergency Services considers a small contained fire to be:

  • the flame is contained within the device
  • flying embers/sparks shall be confined within the appliance or device.