What is Urban Forestry?

Deneke, F. author of Urban Forestry in North America: Towards a Global Ecosystem Perspective best defines urban forestry as “the sustained planning, planting, protection, maintenance, and care of trees, forests, greenspace and related resources in and around cities and communities for economic, environmental, social, and public health benefits for people. The definition includes retaining trees and forest cover as urban populations expand into surrounding rural areas and restoring critical parts of the urban environment after construction. Expansion at the urban/rural interface raises environmental and public health and safety concerns, as well as opportunities to create educational and environmental links between urban people and nature. In addition, urban community forestry includes the development of citizen involvement and support for investments in long-term on-going tree planting, protection, and care programs." (www.cufn.ca)

The City of Brandon is working towards being proactive about maintaining a healthy urban forest for current and future generations by creating an Urban Forestry Management Plan.