What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is doing business fairly, ethically, and responsibly. Fair Trade is about making sure the people behind the products we buy get a fair deal. When a product has been Fair Trade certified, it means farmers received a good price, had good labour and environmental practices, and received an additional premium to invest in their communities and businesses. Fair Trade gives you the power to make the world a better place, one purchase at a time.

Fair Trade Standards

Fair Trade standards relate to three areas of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental development. The key objectives of the standards are to:

  • Ensure a guaranteed Fair Trade minimum price is agreed with producers
  • Provide an additional Fair Trade premium which can be invested in projects that enhance social, economic and environmental development
  • Enable pre-financing for producers who require it
  • Facilitate mutually beneficial long-term trading relationships
  • Set clear minimum and progressive criteria to ensure that the conditions for the production and trade of a product are socially and economically fair, and environmentally responsible


What is a Fair Trade Town?

A Fair Trade town is a municipality whose citizens embrace Fair Trade values in their daily lives. They have a strong, vibrant Fair Trade community made up of vendors, consumers, and advocates who are all passionate about global change. To become a designated Fair Trade Town by Fair Trade Canada, a municipality must accomplish 6 goals:

  • Gain local Political Support
  • Create a Fair Trade Town Steering Committee
  • Availability of Products
  • Community Support
  • Public Education
  • Keep the Momentum

The City of Brandon became a fair trade town on May 20th, 2014. Brandon is the 19th municipality in Canada and the 2nd in Manitoba and has received Fair Trade Town of the Year three years in a row! Thank you to the Marquis Project for spearheading the Fair Trade Town movement in Brandon.


Where to Find Fair Trade Products in Brandon?

Click here to find where in Brandon you can purchase Fair Trade products. There are hundreds of varieties of coffee and tea, there is also fair trade wine, chocolate, and fruit!


Fair Trade Designation

Your workplace, faith groups, school, campus or event can receive Fair Trade designation. Grace Mennonite Church just received Fair Trade Faith Group designation this year the 3rd faith group to receive designation in Canada! To learn more on how easy it is to become part of the movement click here.