Contact Information

Brandon Police Service

1020 Victoria Avenue
Brandon, MB

Emergencies 911

Non-Emergencies 204-729-2345

Information about turning in Unwanted Firearms/Ammunition is as follows.

When bringing in unwanted firearms/ammunition for amnesty purposes, it is best to call the police station first at (204) 729-2345 to advise them of your intentions. You may also come directly to the police station to do so, but DO NOT bring the firearms/ammunition inside with you. Leave them in the trunk or some other secure area of your vehicle. Approach the front desk attendant to let them know what your intentions are, and they will have you wait until a police officer becomes available to help you. The police officer will then accompany you to your vehicle to retrieve the items.

Even when you call in advance, NEVER bring the firearms/ammunition inside with you without being accompanied by a police officer.

Bring all certificates, etc. that you may have for the items with you as well. A police officer will fill in all the information required on a property sheet and have you sign a “Relinquishment of Claim” slip on the bottom. This indicates that you have no desire to reclaim these items. The firearms will then be held in a secure property location and later destroyed.