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Brandon Police Service

1020 Victoria Avenue
Brandon, MB

Emergencies 911

Non-Emergencies 204-729-2345

The Brandon Police Service Traffic Unit is responsible for a number of traffic related investigations including but not limited to, motor vehicle accidents, “Hit and Run” investigations, and vehicle equipment standards. The Traffic section is also responsible for coordinating all over-dimensional building moves within Brandon, and events on City roadways which require a permit, as well regular enforcement of the highway traffic act and related statutes.

The Unit contains officers who have received extensive training in collision reconstruction in the event of a serious or fatal vehicle collision. Trained officers will use equipment to ‘map’ the area in order to reconstruct the scene into a computer program that allows a 2D, 3D, or an animated view of the collision. Reconstruction Analysts will inspect and collect all road evidence, and vehicles or property involved in order to determine the events leading up to and involving the collision including speeds, environmental concerns, and other contributing factors.

In relation to Traffic there are four (4) DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) Evaluating officers. These officers are trained in a Canadian/American standardized program which allows officers to determine if individuals are impaired from driving a motor vehicle by drug or a drug and alcohol combination. As there is no ‘per se’ law in Canada (such as 80mg% alcohol) as to a legal limit of a particular or combination of drugs in a driver’s blood, a DRE is able to use a series of non-invasive medical and physical tests to determine sobriety and each individual’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

The Traffic Unit works closely with the Manitoba Motor Carrier Enforcement (MCE) and Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) teams, to ensure vehicle safety through compliance enforcement, and increased road safety through a number of Selected Traffic Enforcement Programs.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much tint can I have?

All Vehicles must have a minimum of 50% of light emit through front side windows. Passenger Vehicle Rear side window a minimum of 35% light emit through. SUV’s and Truck rear side windows have no legal limit.


What is the speed limit in back lanes?

30km hour


Can I hold my cell phone in my hand to use speaker phone when I drive?

No. The Highway Traffic Act states you can not hold an electronic hand held device at any time while in control of a motor vehicle. You MUST pull over to use a cell phone.


Can you explain the child seat regulations?

The Highway Traffic Act refers to the Child Restraining Devices Regulations. This indicates a child must be in a properly installed and approved restraining device when the child is any of the following:

(a) less than nine years of age;

(b) weighs less than 36 kg;

(c) stands less than 145 cm tall.


Can I use my headphones while driving?

You may have ONE headphone in while driving or riding a bicycle.


Can I ‘black out’ my tail lights on my vehicle?

No you may NOT alter your vehicles lights UNLESS they are DOT or SAE approved. When looking at replacing your lights with aftermarket lights, ensure they are approved for use in Canada.


Can I put a light bar on my vehicle?

Light bars or lights can be attached to your vehicle. However, they MUST be COVERED with an opaque cover, and can NOT be lit while the vehicle is in motion on a roadway. Failure to do so may result in a prohibited lighting ticket.


How far can something extend past my truck box without a red flag?

We suggest if you are hauling anything larger than the truck box to mark it with a red marker, however by law anything that extends 1 meter beyond MUST be flagged with a red flag.


Why did I get an Amber light ticket?

The Highway Traffic Act indicates a vehicle MUST clear an intersection prior turning red, with the exception of vehicles turning left that are LEGALLY established in the intersection. *Note* only ONE vehicle can legally be established in one direction. The second vehicle MUST stay behind the crosswalk line (if applicable) if a vehicle is already established. Should the light turn amber, then red and you follow a vehicle around the left turn which was established in front of you – you have committed an offence and subject to a ticket.


What is the ALPR?

ALPR stands for the Automated Licence Plate Reader. The Brandon police service uses the ALPR on traffic and patrol vehicles to scan vehicles licence plates while on duty. The ALPR will scan moving and parked vehicles and will notify the officer if the registration and or the Registered Owners information is inactive or suspended, or if the vehicle is stolen or subject of interest to police Canada wide. Information received on the ALPR is always confirmed prior to any tickets being issued.


Do I have to put a front licence plate on my vehicle?

Yes. In accordance with the Highway Traffic Act, Manitoba motorists must display a front and a rear licence plate in a manner that displays the jurisdiction and so that it may accurately be captured by an image capturing enforcement system. Failure to display this license may result in a ticket.


I forgot my driver’s licence and was pulled over. I thought I had 24 hours to produce it to Police?

This is a common myth. The Highway Traffic Act states if you are driving a motor vehicle upon a highway, you must be able to produce a valid driver’s licence. During a traffic stop when a Peace Officer asks for your licence and you are not able to produce it, you would be subject to a ticket for failing to produce. We do not have access to Manitoba Public Insurance’s photo database or driver’s records. Police will have to confirm your identity prior to releasing you from the traffic stop.


Why was I pulled over for no reason?

Under the Highway Traffic Act, a Peace Officer may stop any vehicle to:

  • Check the Sobriety of the driver;
  • Ensure the driver has a valid driver’s licence & the vehicle is properly registered;
  • Inspect the vehicle's mechanical condition and request information from the driver about it.


Can you explain the Graduated Drivers Licencing to me?

This is a Manitoba Public Insurance initiative. Please see their website for more information.


What happens when police attend my accident?

If one or more vehicles are not drivable due to a collision, the un-drivable vehicles will be towed by Accel Towing to a secured compound. Police will provide you with the details of the collision and the other parties information. Once you have all the information, you can contact MPI to make your claim MPI will contact Accel Towing to tow your vehicle in for its appraisal afterward. If you have personal belongings in the towed vehicle, please contact Accel towing to make arrangements to get them. Please note ALL child restraining devices MUST be left with the vehicle (keep your receipt from the purchase of a new seat for MPI).

Police will collect all evidence as required and investigate if any enforcement action should be taken as a result of the collision. A ticket may be issued to an offending driver-however it should be noted that police do not determine fault at collisions, that is solely the responsibility of Manitoba Public Insurance.

Police will remain on scene until the collision site has been cleaned up and safe for the motoring public. Police can assist in finding you transportation from the collision scene.


My Seatbelt causes me discomfort, do I have to wear it?

The Highway Traffic Act follows the Seat-Belt exemption regulations. Under this regulation it states the act does not apply to the following persons:

(i) the person is named in a certificate signed by a qualified medical practitioner certifying that the person is, during the period stated in the certificate, unable for medical reasons to wear a seat belt, and (ii) the certificate is produced to a peace officer on request.

Unless you are able to produce a valid certificate, you would be subject to a ticket if you fail to wear your seatbelt, or fail to wear your seatbelt properly.