The City of Brandon is committed to environmentally friendly initiatives and continues to strive to offer flexible services that meet the needs of today’s consumers. We are pleased to offer the following options to our water billing customers.

Telephone & Internet Payments

Payments can be made on to your water bill account through telephone or internet banking. You will need to add a payee, each financial institution uses a different reference. See payee names here. Contact your banking institute if you cannot locate Brandon as a payee. The account number is located under "Account Holder" information on your invoice.

Note: If you move, your account number changes. Remember to update the Payee information with online banking.

Monthly Payment Plan

This option is available to customers who agree to receive invoices electronically via email and to make monthly electronic payments, through auto debit, with the payment amount equal to the invoice amount. By selecting this option you will receive a reduced administrative service charge of approximately 20%.

Quarterly Payment Plan

Quarterly electronic payments can now be made, through the auto debit program, with the payment amount being equal to the invoice amount.

**Note: If three (3) payments are not honoured by your Financial Institution in a calendar year, the City will remove you from the plan, at which time all unpaid charges become due and are subject to penalty in accordance with the City’s Water & Wastewater Rates By-law. Please note all returned payments are subject to a $20.00 NSF fee.

Electronic Invoicing

Utility invoices, both quarterly and monthly, can now be received electronically via email by supplying the Utility Billing Section with your email address.

Click the link below to apply

Payment Plan Application & Account Change form:  Office location and mailing address

The City of Brandon
Utility Billing
410 - 9th Street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 6A2
Fax: (204) 726-8546


Please note: Electronic invoices are in PDF format. Please ensure that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer in order to view your emailed invoice.

You can download a free Adobe PDF Reader. Please note that this is a third party link and the City of Brandon is not responsible for the content of third party links.

For further information please call City of Brandon Utility Billing Section at (204) 729-2262 or e-mail