Q. How do the approved rates compare to other cities?

A. The City compares itself to other cities that have water and wastewater treatment systems.  As the capital and operating costs of increasingly complex treatment facilities continues to rise, many cities are also experiencing the need for significant utility rate increases.  As such, Brandon’s utility rates will not be significantly out of line with what other prairie cities are experiencing. More information can be found here: pdf Utility Rate Presentation to Council 2022 (789 KB)


Q. What will be the impact of new rates on my household?

A. User Impacts for a “typical household of four”, using 46 CM per quarter


Prior Rates

October 1, 2023 

January 1, 2024 

January 1, 2025 

January 1, 2026 


$ 305.44

$ 395.97 

$ 451.17 

$ 506.37 

$ 563.41 


$ 299.92 

$ 368.00 

$ 432.40 

$ 496.80 

$ 561.20 

Water and Wastewater

$ 605.36 

$ 763.97 

$ 883.57 

$ 1,003.17 

$ 1,124.61 

Quarterly Billing

$ 69.92

$ 72.00 

$ 76.68 

$ 81.36 

$ 86.04 

Annual Total

$ 675.28 

$ 835.97 

$ 960.25 

$ 1,084.53 

$ 1,210.65 

% Increase







Q. I’m concerned about rising utility costs, what can I do?

A. Remember that you can ultimately control how much water your household or business consumes. If you use less water, your utility bill will be smaller. For water conservation tips, please refer to the City’s 2021 Water and Wastewater Information Brochure, which provides some good water conservation and leak detection tips.


Q. I’m moving. What do I need to do to cancel/hook-up water?

A. Please click the following link and fill out the appropriate information to notify the water billing department of a move in or out.


Q. I’m moving, and I was on autopay and electronic billing at my old address. Will this continue at my new address?

A. Autopay customers are required to fill out an application for each address they reside at. Your account and billing information will not follow you when you move.


Q. How do I update my mailing address?

A. Please click on the following link, fill in the appropriate fields and submit.


If you experience any issues with the form please email water@brandon.ca or call 204-729-2262.


Q. How do I cancel my autopay?

A. Please click on the following link, fill in the appropriate fields and submit.


If you experience any issues with the form please email water@brandon.ca or call 204-729-2262.


Q. Can I pay my bill online?

A. Each banking institution has a payee name set up as below. You will need to use your 7-digit account number listed on your invoice as well. If you are experiencing problems locating the payee, please contact your financial institution for further direction.

Westoba CU Brandon City Utilities
CIBC Brandon Water
RBC Brandon (City) - Water (MB)
Scotiabank Brandon (City) Water
TD Brandon Water
BMO Brandon Water Bill


Please remember that banking institutions state on their website, that there is a 2–3-day delay in the City receiving your payment, so time your transactions accordingly.


Q. Can I pay my bill with a credit card?

A. The City of Brandon does not accept credit card payments for water or taxes. The fees associated with this form of tender would result in increased costs.


Q. What is the admin charge for?

A. The Admin charge listed on your billing is the service charge approved by the Public Utilities Board.


Q. What is the wastewater charge?

A. The metered water that enters your home also exits your home via the sewer line. This charge offsets the cost of treating and storing the sewage.


Q. I have frozen pipes, the water pressure has dropped, or my meter is leaking.

A. Please call the meter shop to have a city worker attend your residence and do an inspection. The direct line is 729-2285.


Q. I am concerned about lead in my water.

A. Please click on this link for information. https://www.brandon.ca/watertreatment/lead-water-services-information


Q. My water bill is much higher than it normally is. What can cause this?

A. The City of Brandon bills water on actual consumption. Every month the meters are read by radio frequency from the street outside your home.

The most common issue for an increased water billing is a leaking toilet tank. This causes water to run down into the bowl and is difficult to hear. If you are unsure if your toilet is leaking, locate the dials on your water meter and monitor the flow rate before and then after you have shut the valve to your toilet off. If the meter rate slows or stops you can be sure you have a toilet leak. Another method to check your toilet, add food coloring to the tank, let it sit 20 minutes. If the color shows up in your toilet bowl you have a leak.

When you receive a large water bill please review your water use and verify if you have had sprinklers on, additional company staying with you, a pool filled for summer use or your garden watered. A hot water tank that has malfunctioned and been replaced, a water line that has been repaired, or a pipe that has burst or frozen will also increase the water bill.



Q. What do you do for the tenant's outstanding bills?

A. The City of Brandon makes every attempt to collect from your tenants however, rental properties are a business and the City assumes no risk for unpaid accounts for your business. As a landlord, you can protect yourself by contacting the City to find out if the accounts are being paid. The City will also send you a quarterly landlord notification on overdue accounts.


Q. A tenant can tell the City that they own the property and then the landlord will not know there is an outstanding balance.

A. Landlords should be advising the City of all rental properties. If the City is aware that the property is a rental property, the account can be set up as such so you will receive landlord notifications.