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Eastview Landfill

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One Drop of Used Oil Makes a Difference.

Manitobans have done an exceptional job of recycling used motor oil (93% recovery), oil filters (69%), and oil containers (57%).

Collect the used oil from your vehicle, lawnmower, farm equipment, fishing vessels, or other machinery and ensure that it doesn’t hurt our environment.


Used oil products that can be dropped off at the ECO Center:

Oil - any petroleum or synthetic crankcase oil, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, gear oil, heat transfer fluid or other fluid used for lubricating purposes in machinery or equipment.

Oil Filters - any spin-on or element oil filter used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine applications; includes diesel fuel filters but does not include gasoline fuel filters.

Oil Containers - any plastic container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold oil.

Antifreeze - any ethylene glycol or propylene glycol vehicle engine coolant.

Antifreeze Containers - any plastic container with a capacity of less than 30 litres that is manufactured to hold antifreeze.

Used oil filters and plastic oil containers can also be recycled into other useful products. With a program and proper return facilities now in place, western Canadians can:

  • Recover more used oil, filters and
  • Extend the life of a non-renewable natural resource.
  • Provide the recycling industry with oil, plastic and
  • Decrease pollution caused by improper disposal. Reduce the amount of non- biodegradable materials in our landfills.


Do not contaminate the oil with other liquids. Solvents, paint thinner, bleaches, antifreeze, gasoline, PCB, household chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, grease, or water are not acceptable. ECO Center staff have information on where to take contaminated oil.

Please consider that a single litre of used oil can contaminate a million litres of ground water, it is clear that more needs to be done. We must encourage people to ensure every drop of used oil, every filter, and every container is returned to a collection facility during regular hours so it can be disposed of properly.