Contact Information

Eastview Landfill

765 33rd St E.
Brandon, MB R7A 7L2

Office Phone: 204-729-2281


How it works:

Your collection day will remain the same, however based on the designated schedule each week, households will either place out their green OR blue bin, along with the black bin.

For example:

Week 1 (April 30 to May 3)                         Week 2 (May 7 to May 10)                         

Tuesday pickup – Green bin                        Tuesday pickup – Blue bin           

Wednesday pickup –  Blue bin                    Wednesday pickup –  Green bin

Thursday pickup –  Green bin                     Thursday pickup –  Blue bin

Friday pickup – Blue bin                              Friday pickup – Green bin


Why not just alternate between blue and green bins every other week?

This alternating collection pickup will ensure that our MRF (processing facility) continues to receive recyclables in a manageable level, over the course of the coming weeks.  Moving the entire City to all blue or all green pickup in one week would result in a very overcrowded, unmanageable MRF one week and then very little material the next.  In order to control the material in the space, and ensure the safety of staff and equipment, continuing to receive material every few days ensure we remain processing and shipping continuously. 


What can you do if you have excess materials?

Should residents have excess material we ask that they use the depots located throughout the community and/or bringing excess green material to the Eastview Landfill Site, at no charge. For the location of the community depot nearest you please visit As a reminder the only depot that does not currently accept green cart material is the Keystone Centre.


Is this a permanent schedule?

No, this modified schedule is temporary, until further notice.

Alternating pickup calendar