• Bids are only accepted by the methods indicated in the Opportunity. Bids must be received prior to the time for Receipt of Bids indicated in the Opportunity. The official time is determined by the Atomic Clock located in the Finance Department, Main Floor, City Hall.
  • Faxed submissions may be accepted for some Opportunities. If accepted, read the fax instructions carefully as failure to comply with the agreement will render your bid non-compliant. The onus is on the sender to ensure the fax is received prior to the time for Receipt of Bids and original documentation is received within three (3) business days. The official time on faxed bids is the City’s transmission report NOT when the sender started transmitting the fax.
  • Read the Bid Opportunity to its entirety to ensure you fully understand the requirements of the project and what you are agreeing to. Failure to meet the obligations may result in penalties.
  • Ensure your submission includes all required documentation as failure to include it will render your bid non-complaint. (Documentation such as but not limited to warranty information, references, specification sheets, samples)
  • Ensure the City’s Bid Form is filled out legibly, signed and witnessed. Failure to do so will render your bid non-compliant.
  • If a Bid Form is included as part of the Bid Opportunity, it must be filled in and submitted as part of your submission. Failure to include the completed Bid Form will render your bid non-compliant.
  • Email submissions are not accepted.


NOTICE: This is “General Information” only. Each Bid Opportunity has specific instructions. Please review the specific instructions applicable to each Bid Opportunity, which must be complied with fully when submitting a Bid Form to the City, without exception. Where there is any inconsistency between this general information and the specific instructions contained within a Bid Opportunity, the specific instructions for the Bid Opportunity prevail. If there are any questions, please contact Procurement Services for the City.