Contact Information

Emergency Preparedness

Office Phone: 204-729-2239


The City of Brandon’s Emergency Management office is requesting volunteers for our Emergency Social Services (ESS) Reception and Lodging Centres.

One of the City’s responsibilities is to receive evacuees from other communities as well provide for City residents should they need to evacuate their homes.

The City is looking for approximately 40 – 50 volunteers who are interested in assisting at the Reception Centre in the event it is activated.


How to Volunteer?

Anyone interested in volunteering for ESS is asked to register as a volunteer by sending an email to or by phone at 204-729-2293.


What is the reception area?

The Reception Centre is the first point of contact for evacuees. When they are asked to leave their home, they are told to report to the Reception Centre. They register here so the Emergency Social Services Team will know who they are and where they are going. This is also where we let the evacuees know where they will be lodged if they have nowhere else to stay. Listed below are some of the functions the volunteers in the Reception Centre perform but in general, we want to look after the evacuees and make sure they have everything they need.


What might the duties of a volunteer be?

If an evacuation was ordered in the City of Brandon or if we were to receive evacuees from other communities, volunteers may be assisting the Emergency Social Services team with:

  • directing traffic in the parking lots,
  • getting evacuees on or off the transit systems,
  • luggage,
  • coordinating meals or lodging,
  • coordinating activities,
  • emotional support,
  • translating,
  • answering questions and issuing information,
  • setting up beds,
  • administrative duties
  • taking care of evacuee’s pets