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Flooding in Brandon is historically the result of two things: spring run-off as it travels to the Assiniboine River and the river overflowing its banks. Ice jams may also raise the level of the river.

Flood forecasts are developed by the Department of Natural Resources who use a combination of daily water level measurements, the moisture content of soil and snow, and weather forecasts to create a flood forecast. The City bases its flood preparations on this information. Water can be controlled at the Shellmouth Dam. In Brandon, outflows to the river can be closed. During heavy flows diking is often required.


Flooding can happen after a heavy rainfall, particularly when the ground is still frozen or already saturated from previous storms. Floods may also result if heavy rain coincides with the spring thaw.

Flash flooding can be caused by violent storms or dams bursting. In these cases warning time is extremely limited.


If a Flood is Forecast

  • Keep your radio tuned to a local station
  • If the danger is immediate, shut off all power in your home.
  • Take precautions to safeguard or minimize damage to electrical, natural gas or propane heating equipment. Consult your supplier for instructions.
  • Turn off basement furnaces and the outside gas valve.
  • Move electrical appliances and other belongings to floors above flood level.
  • Remove toxic substances (pesticides, oils, etc.) to prevent harming the environment.
  • Remove toilets on basement level. Plug the sewer connections and floor drains.
  • Make arrangements for pets.
  • Consult City officials on building a dike.


During a Flood

  • Building a Dike
  • Keep your radio tuned to a local station.
  • Have your Family Emergency Supplies Kit prepared and close by.
  • Do not wade in flood waters. The strong current may sweep you downstream.


After the Flood

It is very important to restore your home to good order as soon as possible to protect your health and safety and prevent further damage. However, you will not be allowed to return to your property until the local authorities have been assured by inspectors that it is safe to re-enter. Detailed instructions on how to safely clean-up flood will be available through City officials as required.