Q: What is Wastewater?

A: Wastewater is any water stream that is discharged to the sewer system. The sources may be from toilets, sinks, washers, etc. from either homes or businesses. In some areas of Brandon, rainwater or spring run-off enters the sewer system as well.


Q: How does the Wastewater get to the Treatment Facilities?

A: Most of the wastewater sewers drain by gravity the sewer pipes are sloped gently such that the wastewater travels downhill towards the Treatment Facilities. However, because Brandon has relatively flat geography, it is necessary to pump some of the wastewater in order to overcome the lack of sufficient slope or to prevent the sewers from becoming too deep. This is accomplished by the use of Wastewater Lift Stations, which as the name implies, lifts the wastewater to a higher level by means of pumps.


Q: Where are the Lift Stations?

A: There are five lift stations in Brandon. They are located as follows:

    • Hilton Avenue Lift Station 3 blocks east of 18th street
    • Riverheights Lift Station which is located north of the intersection of Rosser Avenue and Fotheringham Drive
    • Elderwood Lift Station located on Park Avenue East
    • College Avenue Lift Station located 2 blocks east of 1st Street
    • Aberdeen Lift Station located at the intersection of Aberdeen and 9th St.


Q: How many Wastewater Treatment Facilities are there?

A: There are two Wastewater Treatment Facilities; the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility (MWWTF) and the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility (IWWTF). The MWWTF treats all wastewater generated in Brandon that enters the sewer system. The IWWTF treats the wastewater generated by Maple Leaf Pork Processing Plant.


Q: Where are the Wastewater Treatment Facilities located?

A: The Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility is located at 4040 Victoria Avenue East while the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility is located north of the Maple Leaf Pork Processing Plant at 800 65 St E.