‘Our Plan, Our City’: Brandon City Council Launches 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

June 16, 2015

Brandon, MB – Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest and members of Brandon City Council have galvanized their desire to be true builders of community with today’s launch of their 2015-2018 Strategic Plan, ‘Our Plan, Our City’.

Developed following a two-day Brandon City Council retreat in March 2015, ‘Our Plan, Our City’ lays out 10 priority areas where Council and City Administration will focus resources and strategic efforts over the next three years. Among the priorities will be pursuit of long-term financial stability for the Keystone Centre, determining the future of the Wheat City Golf Course, establishing a City of Brandon Drainage Master Plan, implementing strategies from the City of Brandon’s five-year Economic Prosperity Plan, and prioritizing improvements for the City of Brandon’s Water Treatment Facility.

“While I and Council have already shown that we are committed to moving the City of Brandon forward in a myriad of positive ways, we felt strongly that there were 10 key areas that will need our specific focus, dedicated resources, and strengthened community partnerships in order to succeed,” Mayor Rick Chrest said of the plan. “With ‘Our Plan, Our City’, we’ve essentially laid out for our residents how we plan to move their City forward - not just for them, but with them.”

Other areas on which the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan places focus include those of recreation facilities and greenspace development, community inclusion, financial stewardship, downtown revitalization, and planned, sustainable development growth.

“Many of these priority areas will not be new to Brandon residents, and that is thanks to our strong City Administration and staff and their dedication to community,” Chrest added. “At the heart of our strategic plan is our entire organization’s desire to balance strong, planned growth in our City with continued excellence in core municipal service delivery.”

Each member of Brandon City Council has been paired with key members of City Administration to champion progress on the strategic plan’s priority areas, with updates provided to the community on an annual basis.

“Since it began its term last fall, this City Council has been very eager to develop a strategic plan that moves our City along in its continued growth,” noted Brandon City Manager Scott Hildebrand. “My administrative team and I are fully committed to working with Council and the entire community to ensure that ‘Our Plan, Our City’ is successful.”

The ‘Our Plan, Our City’ document can be read in full here.