Welcome to the City of Brandon Downtown Business Resource Guide. This guide is intended to provide context and reporting instructions on several downtown related concerns. It is important that concerns around maintenance, safety and sanitation are reported in a timely manner whether they be on public or private property. When reporting concerns, please be as detailed as possible and be sure to include the address or specific location.

We strongly encourage you not to print this resource guide to use as a static resource document. The content is subject to change and will be updated online in real time with additions, deletions and process changes as required.

Many issues in this guide can be reported online at City of Brandon - Report an Issue and throughout this guide you will also find phone numbers or email addresses where applicable. For the Downtown Pilot Graffiti Removal Program please visit City of Brandon - Graffiti Removal Program

If you have additional common concerns or questions that are not addressed in this guide, please email housingandwellness@brandon.ca with your query.