529 - 4th Street, R7A 3H5

Showers, birthday parties, family gatherings, meetings all welcome! No socials or liquor.


Primary Contact

Kim Rey
Hall rental, Shirley: (204) 728-4910
Home Phone: (204) 726-9395 (Kim) 
Email: Krey4@hotmail.com

Booking Contact


Hall Rentals: Shirley

(204) 728-4910



General Information

Is the centre available for rentals? Yes, please call Shirley at 204-728-4910
If so, what is the cost? Varies on event, regulars have different rate
Is a deposit required? No
What are the general conditions/expectations of rental contract? Leave hall the way found, leave it cleaned.
Does the centre allow events that serve liquor? Socials, etc? No
What is the capacity of the centre? 100 - 110
When are regular board meetings? Third Thursday of the month or every second month. No meetings during summer months.
If someone is interested in volunteering or getting involved in the board, who do they talk to? Is the centre looking for volunteers? We are always looking for volunteers. Call Kim Rey at (204) 726-9395.



Schedule Activities

Events are open to the public. Please contact Kim Rey at (204) 726-9395 or at Krey4@hotmail.com for more information.

September - April:

  • Central Happy Haven | Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
  • Square Dancing | Tuesday evenings, Friday afternoons
  • Nifty Needlers | Wednesday mornings or all day
  • Dancing | Thursday evening
  • Church Groups Friday mornings, Sunday afternoons
  • Garden Valley Union, Legion rent during the week *varies
  • Garden Club | First Thursday of the month