Update On Snow Clearing Efforts For March 6, 2024

March 6, 2024

Brandon, MB – On March 4th, 2024, the City of Brandon initiated a comprehensive snow removal operation due to the significant snowfall experienced over the weekend. Besides managing the 30cm of snow that fell over the weekend, our teams are also contending with the snowfall and windy conditions of today. So far, the crews have successfully cleared 115 kilometers of roads, 39 kilometers of cycling paths, and 20 kilometers of pedestrian walkways. 

The critical P1A Route has been completed, and crews have now started working on the P1 Route. In regular circumstances, today’s snowfall amounts would have set crews back to clearing the P1A Route. However, as several residential areas are under more than 40 cm of snow, the City’s Streets & Roads crews will continue clearing the P1 Route. 

Sometime tomorrow crews will proceed into residential zones barring unforeseen circumstances, with the first focus going into Zone C, encompassing residential streets north of Pacific Avenue.  Once Zone C is complete, crews will move on to clearing Zone B. To facilitate thorough cleaning in your zone, residents are requested not to park on the street during snow clearing operations. 

Sidewalk & Path Clearing was completed, but due to the additional snow fall and windy conditions, crews will be clearing these areas again. 

Backlane Clearing has been completed. Crews will continue to address any problem areas that pop up. 

The City of Brandon appreciates the public’s patience and cooperation during this winter storm. Drivers are urged to exercise caution on snowy or icy roads, and residents are encouraged to respect the snow removal crews’ workspace. Remember, we will get to your street as soon as possible! 

Safety Reminder: We urge parents to ensure that children refrain from playing on the large snow piles around town. Snow piles are unstable, may contain hidden objects, and if they are near roads, drivers may not see children playing on or behind them. Instead, please consider enjoying one of our toboggan hills. For a full list, please visit brandon.ca/winter-recreation/toboggan-hills

Inquiries and Updates: 

  • For real-time updates on snow clearing progress, visit snowmap.brandon.ca. 
  • To receive text notifications regarding snow clearing within the city and zone-specific events, sign up at textme.brandon.ca. 
  • For urgent concerns, residents can call 204-729-2285.  


City of Brandon’s Snow Removal Strategy 

Snowfall volume, snow density, humidity, temperature fluctuations, wind speed, and seasonal timing all influence our response to snow events. If a citywide plowing program is initiated, it kicks off immediately after a snow event. 

In case of an emergency, snow plowing equipment will be diverted to assist police, fire or ambulance emergency vehicles as required. We also address driveway approaches, although this task may not be completed immediately after plowing. 

Our snow plowing and removal follow a priority system:  

Priority One “A” (P1A): 

  • Within 24 hours of a snow event, we tackle main routes. 
  • These include arterial streets, ensuring smooth travel and even coverage across the city. 
  • Once P1A routes are done, crews transition directly to P1 routes. 

Priority One (P1): 

  • P1 routes encompass arterial and collector streets, city bus routes, and select residential streets. 
  • Our primary focus is clearing snow from these streets following a snow event. 
  • Depending on conditions, P1 streets are typically cleared within the first 24 to 72 hours (approximately 3 days) after plowing begins. 

For detailed information on snow removal, please visit brandon.ca/snow-removal

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