City Council Hears Needs-Focused Overview Of Proposed 2024 Capital Budget

January 15, 2024

Brandon, MB – On Monday, January 15, 2024, Brandon City Council had their first overview of the proposed 2024 capital plan with presentations from City of Brandon Administration. City Hall has a needs-based focus, as the city works to balance sustainability with affordability. 

Monday’s pre-budget session was an overview of major infrastructure projects required to deliver critical services and maintain Brandon’s quality of life. In 2024, the capital plan allocates $125.1 million, which includes significant investments in infrastructure, land drainage, water and wastewater treatment and networks. 

City Administration’s needs-based budget is focused on what the City needs to provide: effective and efficient service in 2024, with an eye on sustainability over the next ten years. Legislation also requires the City to have a budget with a six-year look-ahead. 

City administration prioritized the capital plan into three categories: essential, primary, and secondary amenities, as well as secondary projects that would be pushed out 10 years or longer. Essential projects are required to maintain safe and reliable service delivery to residents of Brandon. 

Administration has also reprioritized some primary projects to be deferred by one year, extended the Transit bus replacement schedule, and delayed some transportation and infrastructure projects. These actions will help with this years’ municipal tax impact.  

However, Council will also need to consider any risks associated with delays – including higher maintenance costs, potential loss of equipment use, and inflationary pressures pushing up replacement costs over time. 

An overview of the 2024 Capital Plan Funding Sources and the 2024 Capital Plan Overview is available on  

City Council is being diligent by having several pre-budget sessions and asking Administration tough questions. City Administration has been working on the budget for four months – now, it’s being turned over to City Council for their changes, and finally to vote on it in early February.  

The next pre-budget session will be held on Thursday, January 18, 2024 at 6 p.m. with a focus on Operations capital budgets including fleet, other capital buildings, and the landfill. 

Brandon City Council will deliberate the 2024 proposed budget as prepared by City administration on Friday, February 2, 2024, and Saturday, February 3, 2024. All proposed budget documents can be viewed on the City of Brandon website at

City Council welcomes comments or feedback on the proposed 2024 budget, which can be sent via email to