City of Brandon Seasonal Snow Clearing Operations, Route Parking Restrictions & Snow Removal Procedures

November 15, 2023

Brandon, MB – Ensuring safe travel on City of Brandon streets is a high priority for the City of Brandon’s Public Works Department. Snow Route systems allow this to occur by clearing major arterial routes and bus routes more quickly and efficiently, when parked vehicles are removed.  

Snowfall amount, density of snow, humidity, rising or falling temperatures, wind velocity and direction, along with the time of year, all play a part in how the City’s Public Works Department responds to any snow event.  

Snow clearing begins with the Priority 1A route so that traffic and emergency vehicles can access all corners of the city as soon as possible. Once the P1A route is complete, snow clearing efforts are focused on Routes 1 – 6, as listed on the snow map.  If a full city-wide snow clearing event is to take place, crews will also remove snow in Zones A – G, following the clearing of snow in the priority routes. In each case, snow removal will take place in priority areas. If a second (or third) major snow fall occurs during a snow clearing event, crews will be diverted to focusing back on the P1A route. In addition to clearing city streets, snow clearing also takes place in back lanes. While the Streets & Roads Section clears snow off city streets, the Solid Waste Section clears snow from back lanes. 

All city snow removal operations can be tracked online at  


Sign Up For Text Messaging 

Residents can sign up to receive text notifications at for when a snow clearing event takes place within the city, as well as events specific to your zone. 

The interactive online map is updated regularly through the winter season to show when snow plowing or snow removal activity is scheduled along a snow route, within various residential zones, in a back lane, or on a designated pedestrian route. Via the map’s tracking features, users can also stay on top of snow plowing or removal activity as crews make their way through a respective route or zone.  


Report An Issue 

If residents have a concern, let the City know by filling out the Report An Issue form on  Select the appropriate category, issue, include specific details, and include the affected address regarding your concern. Issues can also be reported during business hours from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. by calling 204-729-2285. After-hours support is available for emergency issues; however, non-emergent issues will be addressed the following business day. 


Reminder on Snow Route Parking Restrictions 

Snow Route parking restrictions are in effect from November 15 to March 31 annually. After a significant amount of snow (more than 5 centimetres), and/or winds that cause drifting on snow routes, a parking restriction may be declared by the City’s Public Works Department. Vehicles that remain parked along signed seasonal snow clearing routes during an identified snow-clearing event risk being ticketed and/or towed at their own expense.  

The following locations are the designated Snow Routes in the City of Brandon: 

  • Rosser Avenue from 1st Street to 18th Street (24:00 to 07:00) 

  • Rosser Avenue from 18th Street to 34th Street (24:00 to 08:00) 

  • Rosser Avenue E. from 1st Street to 13th Street E. (24:00 to 08:00) 

  • Princess Avenue from 1st Street to 18th Street (24:00 to 07:00) 

  • Princess Avenue from 18th Street to Whillier Drive (24:00 to 08:00) 

  • Princess Avenue E. from 1st Street to 13th Street E. (24:00 to 08:00) 

  • Ninth Street extending from Pacific Avenue to Princess Avenue (24:00 to 07:00) 

  • Tenth Street extending from Princess Avenue to Pacific Avenue (24:00 to 07:00) 

  • Louise Avenue extending from 13th to 18th Street (24:00 to 08:00) 


Residents who wish to receive direct email notifications prior to the implementation of such parking bans can sign up for this service by visiting to subscribe. 

Snow plowing/removal notices as detailed above are issued by the City of Brandon on our website and through our social media platforms. Additionally, notification is provided to Brandon’s local media outlets. 

During any snow event, the Public Works Department appreciates your cooperation. Please be patient, we will get to your street as soon as possible.