Climate Change Action Plan Update

April 21, 2023

Brandon, MB - Over the past several months, the City of Brandon has held several public engagement sessions and worked with the consulting firm, Urban Systems, to build a customized Climate Change Action Plan for the City and community of Brandon aimed at both reducing our impact on the environment and adapting to a changing climate.

With over 1,000 responses received, a draft Climate Change Action Plan has been created and is available for review from April 21 - May 5, 2023. The Climate Change Action Plan will be going to City Council this spring.

Some of the key action items in the Climate Change Action Plan include:

  • Updating the corporate and community greenhouse gas emissions inventories
  • Assessing potential risks to Brandon based on projected climate changes
  • Conducting research on best practices related to climate action from similar municipalities
  • Engaging with various stakeholders including Brandon leadership, staff, community organizations, and the public
  • Establishing emissions reduction targets and pathways, and
  • Identifying big moves, strategies, and actions to reduce emissions and adapt to a changing climate

The Climate Change Action Plan is to replace and build off the existing Environmental Strategic Plan, which was last updated in 2013.

Over the past fifteen years, Brandon has had numerous environmental successes, including the green cart program, residential rain garden program, landfill gas collection, and a fair-trade town designation. Brandon is also proud to have several "firsts", including the first Bee City in Manitoba, the first Manitoba City to have a Brownfield Strategy, and the first community in Manitoba to complete all five milestones of the Partners for Climate Protection Program.

More information on Brandon's Climate Change Action Plan can be found here.