Introducing Crokicurl At Brandon's Community Sportsplex

February 13, 2023

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is excited to announce that crokicurl, a new outdoor sport, is now available at Brandon’s Community Sportsplex (30 Knowlton Drive).  

Crokicurl is a large-scale hybrid of curling and the board game crokinole. Iconic in its octagonal form, the rink combines the familiar red and blue painted rings of a curling sheet and the structure of a crokinole board.  

In the crokicurl version of the game, rocks are used instead of discs. The game is played by teams trying to score points by throwing stones into the center of the ice where the circles are marked. The highest circle is marked with twenty points. The object of the game is to accumulate the most points through shooting the rock into the center button and positioning the rocks on the playing surface, so they remain within the highest scoring circle at the end of the round.  

The crokicurl rink is open daily from sunup to sundown, on a first come, first served basis. The City asks all members of the public to be respectful of other players and limit your time to one hour. Before players start their game, players must attend the front desk at Brandon’s Community Sportsplex where they will get access to the rocks. 

Skating on the ice is PROHIBITED. Those that do not comply with our rules will be asked to leave the premises. For further inquiries, residents can call Brandon’s Community Sportsplex at 204-729-2471.