Pilot Graffiti Removal Program

September 14, 2022

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon in partnership with the Downtown Wellness and Safety Taskforce is introducing the Pilot Graffiti Removal Program.  

The pilot program has been created in response to the increase in graffiti throughout the downtown area. It is also an acknowledgment of the ongoing costs to commercial and residential owners associated with the clean-up costs.  

Funding for the Pilot Graffiti Removal Program was initially approved by City Council during the 2022 budget deliberations. It was also prioritized as a recommendation from the Downtown Wellness and Safety Taskforce. To ensure a streamlined approach, the online reporting tool was created in-house by the City of Brandon’s Innovation, Technology & Communications Department. This pilot program will also utilize a professional cleaning company to complete the clean-up at no cost to residents or businesses. 

To qualify for this program, the following conditions must be met: 

  • The property must be within the designated downtown area (see map below) 

  • The report must include at least one picture of the graffiti that is to be removed. The online reporting tool accepts up to three pictures 

  • The City of Brandon and authorized personnel will need access to the property. 


Requests for the pilot program can be submitted online at graffiti.brandon.ca. Requests will be responded to within two business days by a City of Brandon program administrator. 

If the request is approved, arrangements will be made for a professional cleaning company to visit the property and attempt to remove the graffiti via a power wash. This program does not include other services, such as painting or anti-graffiti coating. 

Requests submitted using this online tool are not sent to Brandon Police Service (BPS). To fill out a police report, please visit BPS at 1020 Victoria Avenue or call 204-729-2345.