Updates To Maryland Avenue Sewer

September 12, 2022

Brandon, MB – City of Brandon Engineering Services is increasing a portion of the existing wastewater sewer network located in the Maryland Park area. Work is being completed on the south side of Brandon Municipal Cemetery off 18th Street and continuing along the north side of Magnolia Drive to 9th Street. 

The project is to upsize the existing sewer network to be able to better handle existing peak flows that have resulted from developments in the area to the south, as well as proactive measures to be able to accommodate future growth and developments in the area. 

Earth Max Construction Inc. is the contractor that has been hired to complete the project. Work has begun in the area and crews are on scene to start the excavation. This project is expected to be completed by the end of October.  

Traffic should not be affected, but the walkway will be closed on Magnolia Drive from 9th Street to 18th Street due to the work being done in proximity. Pedestrians should use Aberdeen Avenue in place of the walkway on Magnolia Drive.