City of Brandon Preparing For Spring Snowstorm

April 12, 2022

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is preparing for a potential major spring snowstorm as Environment Canada has issued a Winter Storm Watch for the City of Brandon and surrounding areas. This spring blizzard may bring widespread snowfall accumulations of 30 – 50 cm accompanied by northerly winds gusting 70 – 90 km/h.  


Emergency Response Control Group 

The Emergency Response Control Group, which includes representatives from all city departments, has been monitoring this spring snowstorm since its early notification late last week. Emergency plans have been reviewed, equipment preparedness is being completed and personnel availability has taken place in anticipation of this event.  


Snow Clearing Operations 

With the anticipated extreme snowfall, the City’s Streets & Roads Section is preparing its winter snow equipment to respond to the storm. 

During the storm, the emphasis will be on maintaining limited passage on some of the major city streets, and ensuring equipment is on alert to assist emergency services personnel to navigate snow-bound streets. If white-out conditions become prevalent, snow plowing operations may be suspended until visibility improves. Please note, sidewalks and walking paths will not be maintained during this time.  

After the majority of the storm has passed, the Streets & Roads Section will begin a full snow event and will activate both the snow map and text functionality. City streets will be cleared in priority order, which is based on the classification and volume of traffic, starting with the P1A route. Due to the magnitude of the accumulation expected with the storm, it may cause delays in plowing. To respond to the expected magnitude of the storm the City is reaching out to contractors for assistance. 

During any snow event, the City of Brandon appreciates your cooperation and patience. Residents can call 204-729-2285 to report an emergency concern. 


Refuse & Recycle Collection Schedule 

Due to the anticipated extreme snowfall, there is a strong possibility of delayed or postponed service on one or more days through this storm. Regular collection is scheduled to be picked up on Tuesday. If further days are impacted, the City will notify the public of the affected areas. If your collection schedule is postponed, please do not leave your bin out in order to minimize the impact on snow clearing operations. 

In addition, due to the significant wind gusting anticipated, the Eastview Landfill may also close on short notice to ensure materials are not littered due to the wind. Residents and Commercial businesses/contractors should follow social media and/or listen to the local radio station for up-to-date information on this potential closure of service during the storm. 

The start of the Green Cart Program will be delayed until April 26th. If inclement weather conditions persist, the program could be delayed until May.  


Emergency Preparedness  

With this spring snowstorm, the Brandon Emergency Support Team (B.E.S.T.) is reminding residents to be prepared and update supplies in their emergency supply kit. This may include drinking water, food, medicine, a first-aid kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, battery operated radio and a fully charged cell phone. These supplies should last a minimum of 72hrs. 

Environment Canada has advised that travel will become increasingly difficult as the day progresses Wednesday, with widespread highway closures a near-certainty. By Wednesday evening even travel within communities may become impossible as the heavy snow and strong winds continue... and more of the same is expected on Thursday.  

Travel is not recommended as this storm has the potential to be the worst blizzard in decades. If you are going to travel, please ensure to have an emergency car kit in the vehicle. 

For more helpful information on emergency preparedness, please visit and check out the BEST Quick Reference Book


Regular updates will be provided to the community throughout this spring storm. Please stay tuned to the City of Brandon’s website and social media accounts.