Lead Water Services Sample Testing Program

October 21, 2021

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is expanding the water sample program for lead testing to meet new Provincial regulatory testing requirements and reporting.   

With residential lead sampling now a requirement of the Brandon Public Water System operating licence, testing in residences will continue going forward.  For 2021, 40 residential sample locations have been randomly selected for representative water sampling and reporting.  Letters have been sent to these residences requesting voluntary participation in providing multiple water samples for lead analysis.  The results of these tests will be made available to those homeowners directly and will be included in the City’s Public Water System Annual Report as per the terms and conditions of Brandon’s operating licence.  New residential sampling locations for regulatory purposes will be selected in future years. 

The current National Drinking Water Guideline requires that lead concentration in water be below 0.005 milligrams per litre.  Water entering the distribution system from the City of Brandon Water Treatment Facility meets the lead limit guidelines.  Elevated lead concentration at the tap may be found in homes built before 1950, as there is the potential for a lead service connection.  The City of Brandon has created a Potential Lead Water Service Connection Catchment Area Map based on the age of the homes and can be viewed on the City website: Potential_Lead_Water_Service_Connections_Map.pdf.    

In 2013, the city initiated a water sample program to test for lead concentrations in residential homes.  This program was available to all homeowners in Brandon to test the water at their own tap and to receive their individual lead analysis results.  This voluntary program is still available and residents looking to test their tap water for lead concentration levels can continue to participate in the City’s volunteer sample testing program. More information can be found on the City of Brandon’s Lead Water Services Information page at brandon.ca/water-treatment/lead-water-services-information.   

In 2016, the City introduced a Water Filter Rebate program for properties impacted by elevated lead concentrations.  The rebate program is still available. For more information on Water Filter Rebates, residents can call the Development Services Division at 204-729-2214 or email waterfilterrebate@brandon.ca

The Province of Manitoba website provides additional details on lead guidelines and can be accessed online:  www.gov.mb.ca/sd/water/drinking-water/lead/index.html