Reminder: Fireworks Are Not Allowed Within City Limits

June 28, 2021

Brandon, MB – Brandon Fire & Emergency Services is reminding residents that Fireworks are not allowed to be set off within city limits. 

Pursuant to City of Brandon Fireworks By-law #7200 – P31, no person shall purchase fireworks, fire, set off, or otherwise ignite any fireworks in or above the City except under a permit issued by the Fire Chief.  

Additionally, if any fireworks are purchased at a retailer within the City of Brandon, the retailer must provide a waiver form for the purchaser to sign stating that the fireworks will not be set off within the City of Brandon. Individuals found to be in contravention of the Fireworks By-Law may face a fine of anywhere between $200 and $1,000. 

Permits are only authorized for special events on the authority of the Fire Chief who has approved the application after all necessary requirements have been met.