City of Brandon Green Cart Program Set To Begin April 20th

April 9, 2021

Brandon, MB – City of Brandon’s Sanitation Section is pleased to announce that the Green Cart Program will begin for another season on Tuesday, April 20th. Once underway, weekly pick-up will be maintained through early November, weather-dependant. 

All collection days will coincide with a household’s regular refuse and recycling pick-up day. Program participants are reminded to have their Green Cart out for pick-up no later than 6 a.m. on their scheduled pick-up day and to only use compostable plastic bags or kraft paper bags as bin liners. Participants are also encouraged to rinse their Green Cart out regularly to avoid compost residues or odors.  

Why Should I Participate In The Green Cart Program? 

There are several environmental and economic benefits resulting from a successful organic recycling program, including: 

  • Processing waste material to create new products that can be used within City operations and/or returned to residents of the City of Brandon for their use. 

  • Diverting organic decomposition from the landfill will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • For every tonne that is diverted, residents of Brandon are saving $89 in landfill tipping fees. 

How Much Organic Waste Was Diverted Because Of The Green Cart Program In 2020? 

In 2020, the Green Cart Program was successful in diverting 2,232 tonnes of food scraps and yard waste. 

What Can I Put In The Green Cart? 

Leaves, eggshells and paper napkins are a few of the items that are acceptable in the Green Cart Program. A list of acceptable materials can be found at Green Cart Program - Acceptable Material

How Do I Sign Up? 

Residents are encouraged to register online at City of Brandon - Green Cart Program Signup. Program registration is open for eligible residents of single-family homes or multi-family complexes of six (6) units or less. 

Residents can also take their compost material to any of the City of Brandon - Compost Depots locations or directly to the Eastview Landfill.  

For questions about the Green Cart Program, please email or call the City of Brandon’s Sanitation Section at 204-729-2281.