City of Brandon Launches E-Ticketing For Traffic By-law Violations

September 18, 2019

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon is pleased to unveil a new electronic ticketing system that will allow for easier processing of tickets issued for traffic by-law violations and will provide citizens options to immediately address a ticket they’ve been issued without delay.

Developed in-house by the City of Brandon Information Technology Department, the City of Brandon’s new E-Ticketing platform includes the ability for Brandon Police Service by-law officers and the City’s various 3rd party parking authority partners to electronically document a traffic by-law violation (including photo evidence, if applicable) and print a violation notice directly in the field using a mobile application fully integrated with the ticket payment system used by the City of Brandon Finance Department. This new process will mean that immediately upon receipt of a ticket, citizens can visit a 24-7 web portal to pay the ticket via credit card, or drop by Brandon City Hall (410-9th Street) during regular business hours for other payment methods. A citizen may also begin the ticket appeal process using the same website without delay.

City of Brandon Manager of Accounting Tara Pearce says this new process will save time and create an easier experience for both City personnel and for citizens.

“Prior to this new system’s launch, traffic bylaw violation tickets issued by Brandon Police Service personnel and our other partner organizations had to be delivered or sent to City Hall, where they then had to be manually entered into our financial system. This could mean up to two business days before a recipient could address payment of a ticket, and there was always the possibility of human error with this transfer of information,” notes Pearce. “With this new e-ticketing platform, citizens can take the next step of either payment or appeal virtually minutes after receiving a violation notice, making the overall process much more seamless for all involved.”

While Brandon Police Service members have been using the RCMP’s PAT (Police Access Tool) electronic-ticketing system to document provincial traffic offences for a number of years, Brandon Police Service Inspector Greg Hebert says this new City of Brandon e-ticketing system for municipal by-law enforcement is certainly welcome.

“Brandon Police Service has been eagerly anticipating the implementation of electronic parking tickets to enhance service for the citizens of Brandon,” says Hebert. “With this rollout, our by-law officers will be able to send the electronic ticket to City Hall in real-time, providing quick and easy options for the citizens of Brandon to address it.”

City of Brandon administration anticipates a full-roll out of this new traffic by-law e-ticketing process by mid-September, with examination already underway for the potential of additional bylaw violation processes to be brought online using the same technology.