Brandon Parking Enforcement By-law comes into effect February 6, 2017

February 3, 2017

Brandon, MB - Effective February 6, 2017 parking tickets will be administered under new legislation enacted by the Province of Manitoba.

Municipalities were previously authorized to enforce by-law compliance under The Summary Convictions Act. The Province of Manitoba has now repealed this Act and adopted The Provincial Offences Act and The Municipal By-law Enforcement Act (the “MBEA”). The purpose of the MBEA is to give municipalities the ability to process and resolve parking violations and other contraventions of their by-laws using an administrative penalty scheme that does not involve court proceedings.

Currently, a person who wishes to challenge a parking ticket must register a not guilty plea and appear to be heard in Provincial Court. This process is changing for tickets issued February 6, 2017 or later, municipalities are now required to appoint a Screening Officer who will hear such complaints and make a ruling. The City of Brandon will be offering an Online Screening service whereby a person who wishes to challenge a parking ticket may submit their reasoning for review. For those who may not have access to complete the online screening, the City will also have alternatives available upon request.

Per City of Brandon By-law 7167, the Screening Officer may uphold the full amount of the penalty, reduce the penalty or cancel the penalty. In order to maintain integrity of the Penalty Notice system, By-law 7167 establishes specific criteria an appeal must meet to be considered for penalty reduction or cancellation.

If the aggrieved individual does not agree with the decision of the Screening Officer, they have the option to file for a hearing before an Adjudicator appointed by the Province.

Click the following links for the MBEA and City By-law:

The Provincial Offences Act and Municipal By-Law Enforcement Act

City of Brandon Parking Enforcement By-Law

For additional information, contact the Finance Department, by phoning 204-729-2230, emailing or visiting City Hall at 410-9th street, Brandon MB.