Snow Clearing Continues on City of Brandon Priority Routes

December 6, 2016


City of Brandon snow plowing efforts continue this morning on Priority Routes 1 and  2 and should be completed later today. As of tonight (midnight on Wednesday, Dec.7th), Streets and Roads crews will start working on a 24-hour schedule, beginning with clearing on Priority Routes 3 & 4. In conjunction with tonight's snow plowing, all City of Brandon Seasonal. Snow Route overnight parking bans will be in effect, the full list of which can be found here: Clearing of Priority Routes 5 & 6 will follow.

It is anticipated that once all Priority Routes have been addressed, a wide-scale residential zone snow clearing will start later this week. As Streets & Roads crews began last season’s residential snow clearing efforts in Brandon’s East End, this round of residential snow clearing will begin in the West End. This is Zone “D” on the City’s interactive online snow-clearing map, which can be found at The start date for residential snow clearing will be announced by the City once it has been determined and all residents are encouraged to regularly check the online map for updates.

Finally, a reminder that the Department of Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation is responsible for the plowing and removal of snow on some designated streets and frontage roads within the City of Brandon. The following streets are under Provincial jurisdiction for snow plowing:

  • 18th Street (from south to north)
  • Victoria Avenue from 1st Street to the most westerly City limits
  • 1st Street from Richmond Avenue to the most northerly City limits
  • Richmond Avenue from18th Street to 65th Street East (PR 344)
  • Trans-Canada Highway (#1 Highway)
  • Grand Valley Road (PR 459)
  • Veterans Way (PR 457)

There are also a number of private streets within the City of Brandon which are the responsibility of the developer and/or owner for snow removal.

For more information on snow clearing, please visit the City website at or contact the City of Brandon Streets & Roads Department at 204-729-2284.