City of Brandon Launches Unique Snow Angels Volunteer Program

November 29, 2016


Brandon, MB – Hoping to inspire a spirit of “neighbour helping neighbour” across the community this winter season, the City of Brandon has officially launched a volunteer program aimed at assisting seniors or individuals with disabilities to ensure the public sidewalks in front of their homes are kept free of snow and ice.

Dubbed “Snow Angels Brandon”, the Good Samaritan-style program will match volunteers from the community willing to shovel with residents in their neighbourhoods requiring snow-shovelling assistance. Through the program, volunteers are asked to help clear the municipally-owned sidewalks around the resident’s property to keep Brandon’s neighbourhoods safer and more accessible. Individuals can register as either a person looking for shovelling assistance or as someone willing to volunteer by visiting, emailing, or by calling the City of Brandon General Inquiry Phone Line at 204-729-2186. Each month, a list of addresses where residents have requested snow shovelling assistance will be shared with registered volunteers, who would then take it upon themselves to ensure the public sidewalk in front of those addresses are cleared of snow and ice following a snowfall.

The idea of having the City of Brandon champion this type of community liaison program has been the vision of Rosser Ward Councillor Kris Desjarlais, who says the idea of inspiring local “Snow Angels” is a natural fit within the Community Inclusion priority of Brandon City Council’s current 10-point Strategic Plan.

“Fundamentally, we know that Brandon is a community that wants to help out where it can,” notes Councillor Desjarlais. “By offering this type of volunteer network to the community, I’m confident that Brandon residents ingrained with that sense of goodness will take up the shovel and help out their neighbour in a way that inspires others to do the same.”

Desjarlais notes that while program is being facilitated by the City of Brandon, it will only succeed based upon the actions of dedicated volunteers who are willing to go that extra mile to do something for someone in need. There is no cost to register to receive shovelling assistance, and the program does not allow for any payment for shovelling services provided. Further, the program does not cover any volunteer shovelling that may occur on private property.

Volunteers or persons who have signed up for shovelling assistance can opt out of the program at any time by contacting the City of Brandon in the same method they applied to participate. The Snow Angels Brandon program will be facilitated by the City of Brandon through the 2016-2017 winter season, after which it will be reviewed to determine its success and any future programming.