City of Brandon Mosquito Abatement Program Update

August 3, 2016


Brandon, MB – Preparations have begun by the City of Brandon’s Community Services Department to proceed with nuisance mosquito fogging next week, after recent trap counts indicated high populations of mosquitoes in Brandon. Complete trap counts from this past weekend can be found on the City of Brandon’s Mosquito Abatement Program webpage here:

Less rainfall last week and a now-aging mosquito population has brought the City of Brandon Adulticiding Factor Analysis value back down into the “Medium” range for potential fogging activity, though an individual count in one of the five traps has met the City of Brandon’s identified threshold for mosquito fogging. However, weather conditions forecast for the remainder of the week are not conducive to the application of malathion as per the City of Brandon’s Pesticide Use Permit. As a reminder to the community, the City of Brandon cannot fog for mosquitoes if it is raining, if the evening temperature dips below 13 degrees Celsius, or if the wind speed is in excess of 15 kilometres/hour.

Therefore, City officials will monitor the weather conditions, review the upcoming weekend’s mosquito counts and, if the indicators for fogging remain, will move forward with fogging late next week, weather-permitting. The City of Brandon will issue a public notice a minimum of 24 hours prior to any scheduled fogging.

The City of Brandon’s Community Services Department wishes to remind all members of the public that they may apply IN PERSON OR IN WRITING to have a 90-metre buffer zone applied to their property during a nuisance mosquito fogging event. By registering for a buffer zone, citizens will have their property and an area of 90 metres on either side of their property in the front street, side street, and rear lane excluded from the Nuisance Mosquito Fogging Program. Residents are reminded that they must renew their buffer zone registration at the beginning of every season. A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. A medical certificate is NOT required to request a nuisance mosquito buffer zone. However, should the Province of Manitoba issue the City of Brandon a health order to spray for West Nile virus, all buffer zones will not apply.

More information on applying for a nuisance mosquito fogging buffer zone can be obtained by calling 204-729-2148 or by clicking the link below: