Brandon Transit Fleet Now Outfitted With Security Cameras

July 19, 2016


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon and Brandon Transit wish to advise the public that wireless security cameras are now in place on all Brandon Transit buses and should be operational by the end of the week.

The purchase and installation of the security cameras was approved by Brandon City Council within the 2015 municipal budget and have been partially-funded through federal gas tax dollars. Regular route buses will be equipped with eight cameras in total (five on the interior and three on the exterior), while the Handi-Transit buses will be equipped with six cameras in total (three on the interior and three on the exterior). Several signs are clearly posted on all buses informing transit users of the presence of audio and video surveillance to provide increased safety for the public and for employees. The presence of audio and video surveillance can also detect and deter potential criminal activity, and assist with any incident investigations.

“Our intent is for our customers and our Brandon Transit operators to feel comforted, not threatened, by the addition of these cameras on our fleet,” states City of Brandon Director of Transportation Services Carla Richardson. “Such technology is quite common in other city transit fleets across North America.  The fact that we now have the ability to capture and refer back to video footage in the event of an incident either on or immediately outside of a Brandon Transit bus should be seen as a benefit to the entire public.”

Richardson adds that Brandon Transit will strictly follow all applicable privacy legislation when it comes to the collection of such footage and will adhere to a stringent retention and destruction policy for the footage collected by the cameras.

Richardson also adds that four new 40-foot transit buses ordered last year from Montreal-based manufacturer, Nova Bus, have recently been delivered with the security cameras already in place. These new buses will undergo a standard inspection conducted by City of Brandon Fleet Services staff and should be in operation by the end of the month, replacing an equivalent number of older buses in the fleet which will be taken out of service.

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