City of Brandon Forest Tent Caterpillar Control Program

May 25, 2016


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon Community Services Department would like to advise the public that forest tent caterpillar control efforts will be undertaken in the City’s North Hill area and other areas determined to have high infestation populations in the coming weeks. 
City staff will undertake control spraying of city properties in the above areas, including boulevards, with a biological insecticide called Dipel WP. The product will be dispersed in a high pressure spray from a trailer pulled by a City vehicle. The use of Dipel WP to control the spread of forest tent caterpillars is permitted as per the 2016 Pesticide Use Permit, which has been issued to the City of Brandon by the Province of Manitoba.

Community Services staff have observed the caterpillars primarily on ash trees in widespread areas on the North Hill and smaller population pockets throughout the City; however, these insects can affect various other types of trees and cause significant defoliation and damage.

Areas to be sprayed during this control effort include those from the Kirkcaldy Drive walking path north to the White Swan Trailer Court; extending east from 18th Street over to 1st Street. Spraying will begin, only when weather permits, effective May 25th. This is highly weather dependant, as application can only be undertaken when wind speeds are less than 20km/hour and there is no rain within 24 hours of application.

It is recommended that residents who observe City crews in their area close their windows or turn off their air conditioners and stay indoors for the duration of the control spraying efforts.

Meanwhile, residents who may wish to treat forest tent caterpillars on their private property are encouraged to contact a tree care professional or a local greenhouse/nursery for professional care solutions.

Residents with questions about the City of Brandon’s forest tent caterpillar control program may call the City of Brandon Community Services office for more information at 204-729-2148.