City of Brandon Encourages Encroachment Awareness

May 25, 2016


Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Property Section wishes to remind residents that public areas such as parks, public reserves, and open green spaces are for the use and enjoyment of all citizens, and is requesting the public’s assistance in ensuring that these areas remain free from encroachments and are kept in a natural state as originally designed.

The matter of public property being used as private property (either knowingly or unknowingly) is of particular concern to the City.  Both the home owner and the City could be held jointly liable for actions that occur on the property.  The City of Brandon takes safety seriously and has the responsibility to protect the tax payers from any financial implications of a potential litigation as well as to protect its parks, open space/greenspace and public reserves.

To assist in this process, all residents and property owners are asked to ensure that all items on their property are kept within identified property lines to avoid creating a safety risk to others. Some examples of safety risks include trip and fall incidents, flammables in sheds, falls from play structures, fires in fire pits, barbeques, activities with alcohol consumption, etc. 

Awareness of property lines when buying or selling your home is a very important aspect to avoiding any future encroachment issues. Being knowledgeable of where your property lines are located will avoid unknowingly investing in items and landscaping outside of your property.  For more information on how you can ensure that encroachment on to public land is not an issue for you at your current property or on any property you may purchase, please visit or contact the City of Brandon Property Section at 204-729-2232.

The City of Brandon thanks all residents for their proactive assistance to keep public property safe for the enjoyment of all.