City of Brandon Launches Certified Green Homes Pilot Project

March 4, 2016


Brandon, MB – In its continuing efforts to build a “Green City” and advance community progress on sustainable building practices, the City of Brandon’s Planning & Building Safety Department is pleased to officially launch Brandon’s Certified Green Homes pilot project. Through the pilot project, the City of Brandon will encourage builders and homeowners to design, build, and certify their homes through a third-party home certification program.

The pilot project involves Manitoba Hydro’s Power Smart for New Homes program, which offers design and energy modeling incentives and encourages builders to construct homes which are at least 20% more energy efficient than comparable new homes. The City’s pilot project also involves Built Green Canada’s certification process, which extends beyond energy efficiency and also includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, waste management practice, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability. Built Green Canada is a third-party, non-profit organization that works with builders interested in responsible sustainability practices in the residential building sector.  

To kick-start the pilot project, Brandon Mayor Rick Chrest has declared March 7th, 2016, as “Brandon’s Certified Green Homes Day”.

“The City of Brandon is the first municipality in Manitoba to be tackling the ‘Built Green’ philosophy,” notes Mayor Chrest. “As a growing City, Brandon recognizes that the residential construction industry is essential to the city’s long-term economic strength and prosperity. I and City Council are proud to support the launch of Brandon’s Certified Green Homes pilot project, as it supports Council’s Strategic Plan priorities of planned growth, economic prosperity, and financial stewardship.”

Research using data from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Statistics Canada indicates that economic impacts of residential construction in Brandon in 2014, including new home building, renovation, and repair, reflected $59 million in wages and $143 million in investment value.

The pilot project is also timed well with forthcoming building code changes that, for the first time, address energy efficiency. The new code requires an increase in energy requirements and will see everyone building to a higher standard—an important step forward for industry, homebuyers, and the environment. However, with these building code changes, builders will now be on an even playing field.

“The fundamental benefit of a green home goes beyond reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere; a green home also provides superior interior environmental conditions for the occupants and reduces the energy cost to the homeowner,” added City of Brandon Director of Planning & Building Safety Louisa Garbo. “A green home can also help achieve the triple-bottom line concept of building with environmental, social, and economic sustainability in mind.  Our goal is to aid in that process by providing homeowners with resources to help them build or retrofit a green home through this certification process.”

For more information on Brandon’s Certified Green Homes pilot project, click here.