Traffic Signal Resynchronization Underway On Some Brandon Streets

November 19, 2014

Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon’s Engineering Department wishes to advise the public that implementation of the first stage of a traffic signal coordination initiative has begun on a number of streets in Brandon.

Adjusting traffic light synchronization along major arterial routes to improve traffic flow was a recommendation of a wide-ranging traffic study the City of Brandon conducted in 2013 in partnership with Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation.

As of mid-November, traffic signal timing changes have been introduced on nine stretches of roadway within City of Brandon limits, with the main goal of minimizing driver delay (continual stopping and starting) as they travel down the entire stretch of roadway. As such, motorists may be noticing a difference in the timing of traffic light changes as they travel their regular routes along the following corridors:

  1. 18th Street, from the Trans-Canada Highway to the Eastern Access;
  2. 1st Street, from the Trans-Canada Highway to Richmond Avenue;
  3. Victoria Avenue & Victoria Avenue East, from 34th Street to Park Street;
  4. Richmond Avenue & Richmond Avenue East, from 26th Street to 17th Street East;
  5. Kirkcaldy Drive, from 18th Street to 1st Street;
  6. Rosser Avenue, from 18th Street to 1st Street;
  7. Princess Avenue, from 18th Street to 1st Street;
  8. 26th Street, from Victoria Avenue to Richmond Avenue; and
  9. Park Avenue, from 34th Street to 1st Street

Over the next number of weeks, Engineering Department staff will be monitoring these signal timing changes to gauge their overall effectiveness and will make further adjustments where necessary.

The City of Brandon asks for the motoring public’s patience and cooperation as it continues to implement these signal timing changes.